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En avion: Aéroport international Biarritz , Aéroport Pau-Pyrénées

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Sanitary protocol applied for COVID-19

Come stay with us in peace, we do everything to welcome you in the best health and safety conditions.

Before your arrival, we ensure good ventilation of the rooms and ventilation systems (air grilles, VMC, hood)

The cleaning is done in two stages: cleaning with water and soap or detergent, then disinfection with bleach to obtain microbiological cleanliness.

The laundry is cleaned at the highest temperature depending on the material.

The covers are alternated between each change of tenant.

We remove any condiment (oil, salt, pepper ...) or product left by the previous tenant.

During your stay, you make sure to respect the barrier gestures recommended by the WHO, and use hydroalcoholic gel when you go to pisicine, children's games ... You respect the clear indications on the signs to equipment entry.

Free cleaning kit, including the 3 products: floor, dishes and multi-surfaces, as well as a sponge, a cloth and a mop washed at 90 ° C for one hour, so that you have everything at hand to carry out a cleaning in good sanitary conditions. The bathroom and the kitchen have a trash bag. You have a bucket, broom, and a brush broom, soaked in bleach for thirty minutes, but no vacuum cleaner to limit the dispersion of viral particles. If your accommodation is equipped with a washing machine or dishwasher, we also make product available so that you can already start the first washes before your departure at a minimum of 60 ° C.

Before your departure, it is essential that you have turned off, emptied and cleaned the fridge and freezer, cleaned the hob and the oven. The bins are located outside the residence on your left.